From the "Land of Steady Habits"

Our story has been and 

WOW!  2019 into 2020 has been a great ride for SHBC!  Last summer  we made the decision to close the doors on the existing brewery in East Haddam and move the Brewery to an new building in HIgganum CT. Simply because we knew that we needed to expand and the thge sace we were in woukd not allow  I have to say we were nervous and excited at the same time.  

In April 2014, Steady Habit Brewing Company was established.   It opened its doors to the public in January 2015, brewing on a 2.5 barrel system, in Haddam, Connecticut, just off the banks of the Connecticut River.  Steady Habit was a "Grab & Go" growler fills only for nearly three years.  The current ownership group purchased the brewery in April of 2017 and quickly filed the necessary paperwork to open up a full service tap room. 


We also began to distribute our products across the state establishing over 250 accounts.  By September 2017 we realized we would quickly outgrow the original location and began the long tedious search for a new home.  Finally in May of 2019, with the help from our First Select Woman and our Town Planner, we found our new location, just minutes up the road in the same town.  We purchased a brand new Alpha Brewing Operations 15 Barrel, fully automated, brew house that will be put into place in our new home. 

We have been working on relationships across the country to expand our presence into new markets outside of our area so when our new system comes on line, we will be in the appropriate position move the increased product.  

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